First blog post

This is your very first post. Click the Edit link to modify or delete it, or start a new post. If you like, use this post to tell readers why you started this blog and what you plan to do with it.

Be excited that you’ve started a blog. You’ve been thinking about this for a while, after all. What better way to get your long-from thoughts to the masses? No worries about character limits or image filters. Whatever you want can go in this space! The possibilities are endless!

The possibilities are overwhelming. Now you should start questioning why you’ve started a blog. Who is going to read this, except Aunt Terry? She’s pretty good about trying to keep up with what’s going on in your life. She calls you sometimes to talk about what’s been on your SnapChat lately because she has the app on her phone but doesn’t know how to use it to communicate. But if you talk to Aunt Terry periodically then do you really need another social media kind of repository for your thoughts and ideas? Are your thoughts and ideas worth sharing? Are they even worth having, most of the time? Now is the time to wallow in self-doubt for several weeks.

In the meantime,  to make yourself feel better, compile lists about possible blog topic ideas. Make sure you keep these lists on scrap paper – the backs of receipts and envelopes, assignment sheets, a recipe you printed out and tried once and didn’t like – so you can lose them almost as soon as you write them.

The next time you log in to the WordPress page, make sure to spend the whole time playing with the layout. Upload six or seven pictures of your own before returning to the default. Play around with all the widgets and bookmarklets provided by the blog hosting service. Produce no content of value. Repeat for several weeks at a time, until you give up and delete the entire effort.

Start back at step number one.




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