People who write good and do other stuff good, too

I try to collect work by people I know because I like these people and I like their work. Here’s a small list of what I’ve gathered so far that should be free for all readers to enjoy.

Check this post for periodic updates.

Christopher R. Alonso – “The Shallows” (fiction)

Abi Bechtel – “Her Face” (nonfiction)

Couri Johnson – “I’ll Tell You a Love Story” (fiction)

Emily Lundgren – “Trees Struck By Lightning Burning from the Inside Out” (fiction)

Alex Puncekar – “Selling Ghosts” (fiction) and “Bad Beat” (flash fiction)

William R. Soldan – “Running” (fiction)

Andrew Wehmann – “What you Find in the Drink” (fiction)

Jonathan Wlodarski – “The Cake” (fiction)

Kailey Sherrick – “God Speaks to Grandfather” (nonfiction)

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