Academic Writing Help in Handout Form

When I was a young student, there were few things I loved more than packets. Using worksheets and handouts always offered a sense of fulfillment, and when the teacher handed them back, I then had a handy reference tool I could use in the future.

I know that packets can be problematic, pedagogically speaking, but as long as students aren’t forced to finish them as busy work, I think they still do have classroom value. I created several worksheets/handouts that can be combined into packets, or distributed separately, either for the whole class or for individual students. If you’re not a teaching nomad, you may find it useful to print out several copies and have them available in your classroom for students to pick up and utilize as they need.

Some of my students really appreciate having a hard copy of a reference that’s smaller than a textbook, for example. In circumstances when Internet access is limited or impermissible (if they’re working on a paper in another class, for example) the handouts really do come in handy.

These are a few handouts I came up with to address my students’ most common writing concerns. I would love to hear feedback regarding how they could be improved (I tried to make them attractive, legible, and useful, but your mileage may vary). Please feel free to share, as well!

Sentence Fragments

Run-On Sentences

Proofreading Tips

Organization — Academic Style

Appropriate Apostrophes

Higher Order Writing Concerns

Introductions and Conclusions

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